🍕NFT Coach Holders' - Sharing Program

NFT Coach Holders' - 5% Profit Sharing from Primary & Secondary Sales

A unique profit-sharing mechanism has been established to ensure that our NFT coach owners are rewarded for their trust and investment in the project. At the heart of this system is the 5% share repartition. This means that for every sale made on the marketplace, 5% of the sale price is earmarked for distribution among NFT coach owners.

The rationale behind this initiative is simple. Stadium Heroes recognizes that those who purchase an NFT are not just buyers; they are stakeholders. They've placed their trust in the project, and in return, they own a fragment of the project's vision and future. This ownership deserves recognition, and what better way to do so than by giving them a slice of the pie?

The distribution process is straightforward. Every quarter, the accumulated 5% is divided among all NFT holders. The amount each holder receives is based on the number of parts associated with their NFT coach and the total number of coaches they possess. The parts system is tiered based on the edition of the coach: Starlight owners receive 10 parts, Solar Flare owners get 20, Cosmic Nova has 30, Fire Pulsar comes with 40, and Nebula Glow boasts 50 parts.

But the earning potential doesn't stop there. Stadium Heroes has introduced a referral program, allowing NFT holders to increase their parts. For every new user brought into the game who makes a coach purchase, the referrer earns an additional 1 part. This program not only incentivizes community growth but also rewards those who actively promote and expand the user base.

Now, you might wonder about the frequency of these distributions. Holders can expect their share from the 5% repartition every quarter. As for the claiming process, all details, and procedures will be communicated by Stadium Heroes, ensuring everyone is kept in the loop.

However, it's essential to note that selling an NFT coach means relinquishing the shares associated with that specific NFT. But fear not, if you have other NFT coaches or have accumulated parts through referrals, you'll continue to receive your rightful share.

For those seeking more information or needing support, the official Stadium Heroes website is your go-to resource. Our dedicated support team is also on standby, ready to assist and answer any queries.

To illustrate the sharing program, consider a scenario where the marketplace accumulates sales worth $100,000 in a quarter. This translates to a $5,000 pool for NFT coach owners. If Alice has 40.5 parts, Bob has 31 parts, and Charlie has 90 parts, from a total of 161.5 parts in the system, their shares would be $1,254, $959.50, and $2,786.50, respectively. This system ensures a fair and transparent distribution, celebrating the community's trust and commitment.

Note: It's important to understand that the sharing program, like all aspects of the Stadium Heroes project, may evolve over time. As the project grows and adapts to the changing landscape of the NFT world, adjustments to the program might be necessary to ensure its continued success and fairness.

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