đŸ‘ĨThe Referral Program

We believe in the power of community and the value of rewarding those who help grow it. Enter the Stadium Heroes Referral Program, a specially crafted initiative that gives back to our dedicated players for introducing new enthusiasts to our game. This program is not just about expanding our player base; it's about acknowledging the efforts of our existing players and ensuring they benefit from the growth they help foster.

At its core, the Referral Program is simple. As a player, when you introduce someone new to Stadium Heroes and they become an active participant, you earn additional parts. These aren't just any parts; they add to your share from the exclusive "NFT Coach Holders' Sharing program", where 5% of marketplace sales are distributed among NFT holders.

So, how does one dive into this rewarding journey? If you're an NFT owner, you're already on the path. Owning an NFT not only makes you a part of the exclusive 5% sharing program but also qualifies you for the referral bonuses. Each successful referral, meaning a new user who becomes an active player, adds 1 part to your tally. And the best part? There's no ceiling. The more you refer, the more you earn.

Keeping track is a breeze. Your account dashboard on the Stadium Heroes platform provides a clear view of your referrals and the parts you've accumulated. But it's essential to note that these parts aren't just handed out; they're earned when the referred user is active. If a user you referred goes dormant, the corresponding referral shares for that period are paused. But worry not, they'll be back as soon as the user returns to action.

While the program is generous, it's also fair. A new user can only be referred once, and the parts go to the player whose link they used. And while the idea of referring oneself might be tempting, self-referrals are a no-go. Our goal is genuine growth, bringing new faces and fresh energy into the Stadium Heroes community.

Of course, with any program, questions or issues might arise. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist. Whether you reach out through the official Stadium Heroes website or our social channels, we're here to ensure your referral experience is smooth and rewarding.

The Stadium Heroes Referral Program is more than just a bonus scheme. It's a testament to our belief in community-driven growth and our commitment to ensuring that those who help us grow are aptly rewarded. So, spread the word, bring in your friends, and let's make Stadium Heroes bigger and better, together.

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