🏆Reward system

In Stadium Heroes, competition is the key to unlocking a treasure trove of rewards and enhancements. With a variety of events and tournaments scheduled daily, weekly, and monthly, players have ample opportunities to climb the ranks and elevate their gameplay.

Rewards Breakdown:

  1. XP Points: Winning competitions bestows players with XP points, crucial for leveling up their coaches. As coaches ascend in levels, they gain skill points, which can be allocated to enhance specific attributes, making them formidable assets in the game.

  2. $SHCOINS: This native token of Stadium Heroes is a primary reward in competitions. Players can utilize $SHCOINS to procure items from the marketplace, further enriching their gaming experience.

  3. NFT Coaches: These are not just rewards; they're investments. Players can choose to employ these NFT coaches in their gameplay or capitalize on their value by selling them in the marketplace.

  4. NFT Booster Cards:

    • Special Action Cards: Grant unique actions to teams, providing a strategic edge.

    • Booster Skills Cards: Enhance the skills of your coach, making them more adept in competitions.

    • Booster Attribute Cards: Modify and improve the core attributes of a coach.

    These booster cards can be utilized to bolster gameplay or traded in the marketplace for their inherent value.

Unique Enhancement Items: Competitions often reward players with unique items, pivotal for accessing special events. These items can either be retained for gameplay or exchanged for $SHCOINS or crypto in the marketplace.

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