🧠The Coach


In Stadium Heroes, players take on the role of a coach for a sports team. Each coach has a unique profile that includes their experience level, coaching philosophy, and skills. These profiles have an in-game impact on how real-world teams perform. The coach's skills also come into play, such as a coach specializing in offense may help the team score more points, while a coach specializing in defense may help the team prevent more points from being scored. Players must strategize and choose the right coach for their team to succeed.

The coach's profile is evolving, meaning skills will improve as players participate in competitions. The more wins a coach has, the more his skills and specialties will improve upon gaining more experience. This adds an extra layer of strategy for players as they must not only choose the right coach for their team but also work to improve their coach's profile through competition.

There are different coach classes with varying competencies that can impact your team's performance in different competitions and stadiums. Each coach NFT is unique, and you'll need to create your own path to build a strong coach that can perform in different competitions. As your coach grows stronger, your chances of winning rewards will increase, but you must carefully choose the best strategy considering the coach abilities, game mode, stadium, and specific constraints of the competitions.

For further personalization (and profit), exclusive items can be purchased and traded in our NFT marketplace and can be used all around the game.

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