💜Why polygon?

The NFT collectibles market experienced a significant surge in late 2020 and early 2021, and polygon has been one of the primary beneficiaries of this growth. While NFTs may have originated on Ethereum, polygon has become the go-to chain for holding valuable NFT collections.

Polygon's user-friendly architecture is designed for extensive scaling and provides fast, low-cost transactions, making it an ideal platform for dApps like NFT marketplaces. Its scalable and efficient architecture ensures that the network can support applications without sharding or compromising its decentralization.

Polygon aims to be the most inclusive blockchain that allows anyone and everyone to participate. The ecosystem includes infrastructure and tooling projects, bridges for cross-chain interoperability, APIs for seamless data sharing and processing, and security projects analyzing the network and providing risk assessments.

This composability extends to NFTs, with games leveraging outside NFTs that users own and allowing digital art collectors to prove ownership of NFT art when displaying it in virtual worlds. Additionally, baskets of NFTs can be tokenized into fungible tokens.

Polygon supports collectible and interactive crypto experiences that are quickly growing in prominence. The young and rapidly growing polygon ecosystem offers developers many unique benefits and opportunities they won't find elsewhere.

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