🧐Why Stadium Heroes

Stadium Heroes goes beyond the standard model of P2E (play to earn) to give users more freedom and control over the characters they play with and their strategies. Stadium Heroes is more than a game, it is a shared experience of collaboration where players directly impact the gameplay and development of their in-game assets and team performance, based on data from the real world. We will create, build, iterate, and play together.

-> Fantasy RPG Sport: Stadium Heroes is the first sport that allows players to manage their teams in different game modes and competitions. The coach represents the player, and each action taken will impact the development of both: the coach and the team.

-> Wide Range of Sports: In Stadium Heroes, players can access various sports, including football, basketball, rugby, and e-sports such as CS-GO and League of Legends. This allows players to experiment and find the sport they excel at while providing variety and excitement.

-> Multiple Sports Management: One of the key features of Stadium Heroes is the ability for players to manage one or multiple sports. This means that players can choose to focus on a single sport or spread their attention across multiple sports, depending on their preferences and skills. The choice is yours; you can adjust your strategy as you see fit.

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