As a coach in Stadium Heroes, you'll be tasked with selecting players for your team and competing in various tournaments with specific rules and conditions. You aim to build the strongest team possible, considering constraints like the competition, stadium, coach profile, and real-world player performances.

Stadium Heroes is a dynamic and immersive social multiplayer sports game where you can challenge your friends and thousands of real opponents worldwide.

✔ī¸ Customize and level up your coaches with unique skills and characteristics!

✔ī¸ Multiple game modes, daily challenges, weekly leagues, and monthly tournaments to test your skills and win prizes!

✔ī¸ Create a unique NFT coach based on your style and gain access to national, regional, and worldwide leagues

In Stadium Heroes, team points are earned by evaluating the performance of the players you have selected in real-world games at the end of each competition. The unique qualities and skills of your coach will have a direct impact on the overall performance of your team. Coaches who rank highly on our leaderboard will be rewarded for their success. As you actively participate in competitions, accumulate experience, and earn skill points, your coach will level up, resulting in increased NFT rarity and a heightened competitive advantage. This system allows you to continuously enhance your coach's capabilities and elevate your team's chances of achieving victory in the game.

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