Your challenge, your rules


In this mode, you can challenge other players in duels, but be careful or you'll lose big !

In duels, we introduce the concept of stake. Both participants have to put-in something to enter the duel. Winner takes it all. Examples : - Both contestants put 10SHC in the stake, winner takes 20SHC - Both contestants put 1 booster in the stake, winner takes the 2 boosters

Note : both contestants put-in the exact same thing Note : If no one challenged you, your stake will be returned

How to play

  • Define the duels rules :

    • Arena

    • Number of players

    • Budget

    • Games covered

    • Stake

  • Build your own team within the rules

  • Post the duel and wait for a challenger

How to win

When all the games of you duel are finished, the contestant with the highest score wins.

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