Career mode

Stadium Heroes proposes an entertaining progression in the game "The career Mode", that relies on the concept of leagues and seasons, this is a major feature of the game!
The career mode in Stadium Heroes is designed to provide a realistic and engaging simulation of the experience of being a football coach with plenty of opportunities to develop your coaching skills, it's a mode that's sure to keep you engaged and entertained season after season.

Seasons Description

Every 4 weeks (Monday-Sunday) a new season starts, and the progress of all users is reset to 0.
When they participate in competitions, they will get experience points.

Promotion & relagation

Based on their performances during a season, users are ranked in leagues.
First season
When a user is not ranked, the first season is a ranking season that will determine its starting level following this formula:
Level=floor(Xp10/Xpmax)Level = floor (Xp*10/Xp max)
Regular seasons
At the end of each season, the progress is used for promotions and relegations:
Top 10%
Top 25%
Mid 50%
Last 25%
Last 10%
Promotion * 2
Relegation * 2