In challenges, either you win or you lose, but there's no in-between.

The staff will define an target to reach. Your job is to pick the best players to reach it.


  • Join a race and study the arena's specifics

  • Select your coach

  • Pick players within your given budget

  • Define your captain

  • Support your players !

How to win ?

Easy ! Did your team reach the target ?

Yes ? Congratulations, you're a winner !

No ? Boo, you're a loser !

Available challenges



1 challenge per day. The target will be randomly decided by our algorithm ! Exemples : - 10 goals with 11 players and 1000$, includes all games - 125 points with 1 player and 50$, includes some games - 0 DNP with 7 players and 500$, includes all games

Score floor

A weekly challenge to reach the score floor


Challenges crafted by the team

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