Stadium Heroes is a game where coaches possess unique skills based on their class. These skills affect how users build their teams, and players will need to showcase their abilities to make the best decisions. When coaches compete, they earn experience points that can be used to unlock skill points, which in turn improve their skills. With each new level of skill, coaches gain a greater understanding of the game and are better equipped to guide their teams to victory.

List of skills

There are a total of 10 skills available for all coaches.

Depending on the coach’s class, skills have a "maximum primary skill points per edition" (MSPE), following this table :

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*Maximum Skill points per edition:

Here are the maximum skill points per edition that impact each primary skill “class skill”.

Skills repartition:

Every coach is unique, as skill points are assigned randomly upon the creation of their NFT. The maximum global skill points (MGSP) are set by the coach's Edition.

The coach's primary skill or 'class skill', aligns with their role, and is assigned with the highest possible value for that edition, termed as 'Maximum primary Skill Point per Edition' (MSPE).

For example, a coach 'The Wall' will have its MSPE dedicated to their primary skill => Defense.

Subsequent skill points are distributed randomly, they could be lowest or equal but never greater than the MSPE value,

*Note for Junior Coach: When players start the game, everyone receives a coach named "The Junior." While this coach doesn't possess any distinct skill advantages, players can upgrade it to a maximum of 9 skill points based on the 3 skills chosen during onboarding. Furthermore, 'The Junior' can also progress to Level 100, unlocking enhancements along its evolutionary journey.

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